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RFID-enabled Warehouse Process Optimization in the TPL Industry
Faculty of Informatics - Papers (Archive)
  • S. F. Wamba, University of Wollongong
  • A. T. Chatfield, University of Wollongong
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This conference paper was orginally published as Wamba, SF and Chatfield, AT, RFID-enabled warehouse process optimization in the TPL industry, 43 Hawaii International Conferences on System Sciences (HICSS), Decision Technologies and Service Sciences, Analytical and Simulation Models for Knowledge, Enterprise, and Service Networks, Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii.

Using the value chain model and a longitudinal real-world case study of a third-party logistics (TPL) supply chain, this study provides support for the enabling role of RFID technology in effecting warehouse process optimization. Furthermore, the findings of our study reveal the RFID technology implementation costs as the key inhibitors factor of RFID widespread adoption and usage among suppliers.
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S. F. Wamba and A. T. Chatfield. "RFID-enabled Warehouse Process Optimization in the TPL Industry" (2010)
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