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Analysis of Structural Soil Conservation Measures in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
Abuja Journal of Geography and Development (2016)
  • Jenkwe ED Geography and Environmental Management Department, University of Abuja
This paper seeks to determine the factors militating against the adoption of structural soil conservation measures by farmers in the FCT. This is necessitated by the fact that despite the farmer’s continuous involvement in farming activities, continuous use of indigenous soil conservation techniques and the continuous presence of government – paid extension workers, soil erosion has remained a major hindrance to agricultural productivity, as well as soil and environmental management in the area.Biological and agronomic soil conservation measures practiced in the study area included Mulching, Planting cover crops, Inter-cropping, Fallowing, Terracing, and Sand filling etc. Seldom, farmers used structural soil conservation measures which include cut-off drains, soil bunds, waterways, check dams, and trench digging etc. The data for this study was collected via structured Questionnaire administration, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and field observations.To arrive at the sample size, Farmers Co-operative leaders were asked to provide names of members of the groups and from this list 337 respondents were selected using Taro-Yamane T. (1967)  formula; though only 331 questionnaires were suitable for analysis.The data was analysed using tables, percentages and Charts to identify the factors behind the farmers’ refusal to adopt structural soil conservation measures. Generally, the results indicate clearly that farmers in different settlements in the study area are faced with various challenges in their efforts to adopt the structural soil conservation measures in order to protect their farmlands. These include, technically complex strategies, labour intensive nature of the measures and financial incapacity of the farmers, among others. The study recommends that, Government and its agencies should try and encourage the local farmers by not only awareness, but also taking conscious steps to empower them financially. This will enable them to adopt the structural techniques of soil conservation, expand their farming activities, and also enhance sustainable environmental management.
  • Soil Conservation; Structural methods; Adoption; Environmental Sustainability
Publication Date
Winter January 3, 2016
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Jenkwe ED Geography and Environmental Management Department, University of Abuja. "Analysis of Structural Soil Conservation Measures in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja." Abuja Journal of Geography and Development Vol. 4 Iss. 1 (2016) p. 69 - 84
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