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The Futility of Pakistan's 18th Amendment
Jurist: Legal News & Research (2008)
  • Ali Khan, Washburn University

The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) will soon propose to the Parliament the 18th amendment to the 1973 Constitution. The proposed amendment would reportedly abolish Article 58 (2)(b) of the Constitution, which empowers the President, in his sole discretion, to dissolve the National Assembly. The amendment would also strengthen Article 6 of the Constitution to punish judges who would in future support military coups and constitutional subversions. This essay argues that the proposed 18th amendment is an exercise in futility.

  • Pakistan,
  • Zardari,
  • Sharif,
  • 18th amendment
Publication Date
Spring May 24, 2008
Citation Information
Ali Khan. "The Futility of Pakistan's 18th Amendment" Jurist: Legal News & Research (2008)
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