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Two-Fluid Eulerian Simulation of Bubble Column Reactors with Distributors
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan (2006)
  • Abid Akhtar
A two-fluid Eulerian model has been used to study the effect of various sieve plate gas distributors and gas superficial velocities on the hydrodynamics of three-dimensional flow in bubble columns. Turbulence has been modelled using the k-ƒÕ turbulence model. Inclusion of gas distributors showed asymmetric flow patterns which are otherwise smoothened when modelled using a uniform gas source. The asymmetric behaviour increased with increase in the number of holes giving better mixing. The gas hold-up increased with superficial gas velocity, and was independent of the distributor design at high superficial gas velocities. Comparison of simulation results with the experimental work from literature has provided a successful validation of the model. This study demonstrates the significance of real distributor in hydrodynamic studies that has been largely neglected in past.
  • Bubble Column,
  • Two-Fluid Modelling,
  • Gas Distributor,
  • CFD
Publication Date
July, 2006
Citation Information
Abid Akhtar. "Two-Fluid Eulerian Simulation of Bubble Column Reactors with Distributors" Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan Vol. 39 Iss. 8 (2006)
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