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How Kids Learn When They Do Scratch Programming
Tech Seva Conference 2013 in Pune India (2013)
  • Abhay B Joshi

It is universally accepted that in the 21st century, facts and information will matter less. Our children will need the skills to select and process the abundance of information around them. They will require critical reasoning and system-oriented thinking skills to solve real-life problems. They will need intellectual curiosity and a life-long interest in learning. They will need the ability to learn on their own. They will need to apply creativity and multi-disciplinary skills to solve the multi-dimensional real-life problems. They will need to collaborate by sharing and exchanging ideas and building on top of work done by others. They will often be required to employ persistence and self-direction (be entrepreneurial) in achieving their goals. And they will certainly benefit from scientific methodology and mathematical skills.

It is clear to educators and parents worldwide that the demands of the new century are stiff and numerous – the above list represents only a subset. And educators are struggling to redefine and redesign the very idea of education to address these demands.

In this paper, we will explore an innovative and beautiful idea that was borne in the recent years out of the work of creative geniuses at world-class institutes like MIT and UC Berkeley (USA), and which has been explored and tried around the world. We will first briefly explore the idea itself, and then, review the author’s experience of teaching hundreds of middle-school students in Pune.

  • learning,
  • programming,
  • math,
  • school
Publication Date
Fall September 28, 2013
Citation Information
Abhay B Joshi. "How Kids Learn When They Do Scratch Programming" Tech Seva Conference 2013 in Pune India Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2013)
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