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Logo Programming (Part 1) - a creative and fun way to learn mathematics and problem-solving
  • Abhay B Joshi
  • Sandesh R Gaikwad

Programming means tapping into the computerʹs immense power by talking with it directly. Through programming, children use the computerʹs terrific power to draw graphics, design animation, solve mathematical or word puzzles, and even build robots. This idea was first proposed in the famous book ʺMindstormsʺ by Seymour Papert and has subsequently been appreciated and praised by educators and parents all over the world.

Through programming, students discover that the computer is a powerful and flexible tool. Using interesting ideas embedded in programming environments, students solve problems in their favorite subjects, and also develop interest in ʺdifficultʺ subjects like Math and Physics.

In this book we use the Logo programming language. Logo is an easy‐to-learn and entertaining, yet a powerful language. It is known as a "low floor and high ceiling" language ‐ it allows the learner to build his/her vocabulary without getting mired in the complexities of syntax and grammar.

  • programming,
  • learning,
  • mathematics,
  • children,
  • k12
Publication Date
Spring March 1, 2012
Abhay B. Joshi
SPARK Institute
Publisher Statement
The PDF provides an excerpt of the book. The full text of the book is available on Amazon Kindle:
Citation Information
Abhay B Joshi and Sandesh R Gaikwad. Logo Programming (Part 1) - a creative and fun way to learn mathematics and problem-solving. 2PuneVol. 1 (2012)
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