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About Abhay B Joshi

Abhay B. Joshi is a writer/teacher/coach. He currently resides in Seattle, USA and for his work he divides his time between Seattle and Pune, India.
As a teacher, Abhay's area of interest is teaching "Computer Programming as a medium for learning". He conducts programming courses and workshop for K-12 students in which they do interesting projects while picking up valuable analytical skills and concepts of Math, in addition to developing interest in hi-tech career paths. Some of these students go on to pursue such activities as robotics, digital electronics, or application design. Abhay is a co-founder of SPARK Institute which is focused on promoting this idea. He has written books that help parents/teachers/students experiment with this idea.
Abhay works as a professional coach/mentor for individual professionals as well as small businesses. Through dialog and team-work he works with them to solve their current problems and open up future opportunities. Abhay has had 20 years of working experience in the software industry, which includes an entrepreneurial stint of running his own software services business for about 12 years.
As a writer, Abhay writes non-fiction pieces about programming, education, personal philosophy, and professional development. In addition, he also likes to write stories that touch upon the lives of today's global professional. Abhay helps professionals improve their written English through personal coaching and proofreading, and thru training courses.
Abhay is deeply interested in music. He plays the violin and the keyboard, and enjoys several types of music. He is a student of philosophy and physics, and his current fad is the theory of randomness - which says that a lot of things in science and life are just plain random.
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