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Unpublished Paper
Public Accounts Committees in Eastern Africa: A Comparative Analysis with a Focus on Tanzania
REPOA Brief No. 44 (2014)
  • Abel A Kinyondo, University of Dar es salaam
  • Riccardo Pelizzo, REPOA
The Public Accounts Committee (PAC)—one of the standing committees of the Parliament of Tanzania—is an important institution for overseeing the implementation of the national budget and the expenditure of public monies. Properly functioning, the PAC has the capacity to promote good governance, curb corruption and increase the trust of citizens in the political system. To assess its performance and effectiveness, this brief compares the organizational characteristics and the level of activity of the PAC in Tanzania with the committees of five other countries in Eastern Africa: Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, South Sudan and Seychelles. The evidence presented indicates that the PAC in Tanzania is above regional averages with respect to several organizational features. More importantly, it is the most active PAC in the number of hearings held. Given that the number of parliamentary staff that support the committee is an important predictor of PAC performance, it follows that if Tanzania’s PAC—which presently has fewer staff than other PACs in Eastern Africa—was given a larger and better trained staff it would have the potential to outperform PACs in the region by a wider margin and could make an even more significant contribution to enhancing good governance.
Publication Date
Summer July, 2014
Citation Information
Abel A Kinyondo and Riccardo Pelizzo. "Public Accounts Committees in Eastern Africa: A Comparative Analysis with a Focus on Tanzania" REPOA Brief No. 44 (2014)
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