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An Interdisciplinary Journal of the Nigerian Sociological Society (2011)
  • abdulmajeed bolade bello, dr.

The starting point of all Islamic thought, be it political, economic or social is the truth that real ownership, sovereignty and power belongs to Allah alone. Thus all providence made should be for the benefit of mankind and not for any section of it. Though it may be that on surface it looks as if some goods are assigned or committed to the care of a particular people. There are many institutions within the economic sphere operating constantly to further the objectives of the whole system. One of them is the Islamic system of will, with which we are mainly concerned in this paper. Though, the redistribution aspects of the will is not given due attention, yet, the paper has attempted looking at the ‘will’ as one of the solution to economic inequality and as a means of bringing the desired revolution without any bloodshed or disorder. The paper suggested that the difference in economic status between people arise from wealth does not indicate that one section is inherently better than the others. But by the divergence status God desires to put the wealthy class on trial. A wealthy person who God gives should donate too much to charitable purpose. If he does not carryout this obligation he will be guilty of stinginess.

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This paper is my article published in international journal of humanities Accra Ghana.
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abdulmajeed bolade bello. "QUR'ANIC EDUCATION IN NIGERIA AND CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES" An Interdisciplinary Journal of the Nigerian Sociological Society Vol. 2 Iss. 1&2 (2011)
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