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Chalay Thay Sath Putlocker Putlocker
  • Abdirahman Dupont

Year: 2017.
Country: Pakistan.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Writer: Atiya Zaidi.
Actors: Syra Shehroz, Kent S. Leung, Mansha Pasha, Zhalay Sharhadi.
Description: Chalay Thay Sath is a movie starring Syra Shehroz, Kent S. Leung, and Mansha Pasha. The Film is based around the character of Rehsam a Doctor who is on a journey to discover her past and futre alongside her friends.

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Publication Date
Spring April 4, 2024
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Abdirahman Dupont. "Chalay Thay Sath Putlocker Putlocker" (2024)
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