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Somali Immigrants in the United States: Conceptualizing Transnational Migration in a Stateless Global Context
Carleton College (2011)
  • Abdi M. Kusow, Iowa State University
Abdi Kusow, Associate Professor of Sociology at Iowa State University will present a talk entitled: Somali Immigrants in the United States: Conceptualizing Transnational Migration in a Stateless Global Context. Professor Kusow is a noted sociologist in transnational migration and racial formation among African immigrants in North America. Kusow is coauthor of "From Mogadishu to Dixon: The Somali diaspora in a Global Context." His work in this area has been cited in a wide range of academic disciplines including health education, cross cultural heath, demography, fertility and mortality, race and ethnicity, international migration and diaspora, psychiatry, and qualitative methodology and field research. Some of his articles have been adopted as part of the reading list for graduate courses in social psychology, qualitative methodology, and transnational anthropology. One of Professor Kusow's articles, Contesting Stigma: On Goffmans Assumptions of Normative Order (Symbolic Interaction 27: 179-197), has ranked in the Top 20 Most Read Papers in Symbolic Interaction from 2004 to 2009. This article is one of few articles that directly re-examine one of the key propositions of one of Americas leading social theorists, Erving Goffman, by showing that rather than being passive bearers of social stigma, contemporary immigrant minorities create counter social and moral positions, thereby changing the question from who is stigmatized to who stigmatizes whom? Over the past several years, Professor Kusows research has been cited in nearly 130 scholarly articles, books, book chapters, and public policy reports. He is also an internationally recognized scholar on political conflict and the crisis of the nation-state in the Horn of Africa. Over the past few years, he participated in the creation of the Greater Horn of Africa Initiative Forum, an international organization designed to encourage universities and research institution in the region to built analytical capacities that can contribute to the formulation of proactive policies that can respond to challenges facing the region. The conference was sponsored and organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. He also participated in several international academic and policy forums sponsored by the United Nations Development Program, Italian NGOs, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Ottawa University, Canada. He is the Vice Chair of the Somali Studies International Congress. Professor Kusow received his bachelors degree in sociology from Michigan State University, and holds an M.U.P. (Masters of Urban Planning) from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in sociology from Wayne State University.
Publication Date
January 27, 2011
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Abdi M. Kusow. "Somali Immigrants in the United States: Conceptualizing Transnational Migration in a Stateless Global Context" Carleton College (2011)
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