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Implementation guidelines for green data centres
Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research
  • Abdallah Tubaishat, Zayed University
  • Sara Sumaidaa, Zayed University
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Increased reliance on technology and online transactions has increased the heat generated in data centres, due to greater access, storage, aggregation and analysis of such data. This paper discusses the downsides of traditional data centres and highlights the importance of applying green IT practices. It explores the benefits and proposes guidelines on shifting to green data centres. The recommendations to go green are to: a) reduce energy by applying green IT practices, b) eliminate redundancies in server systems and cooling modules, c) turn on power management tools on servers and terminals when applicable, d) utilise newer technologies of power consumption and e) minimise internal barriers to establish a good energy management policy. The benefits expected from the proposed approach are minimised pollution levels and lower the cost of activities, among others. The findings of the study will also contribute to face the challenge of global warming and help in better management and control of power consumption.; Keywords: Traditional data centres, green data centres, green computing, emission.

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Abdallah Tubaishat and Sara Sumaidaa. "Implementation guidelines for green data centres" Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research Vol. 7 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 17 - 23 ISSN: <p><a href="" target="_blank">2301-2587</a></p>
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