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Somai Shinji and the Long Take / 소마이 신지, 그리고 롱 데이크
소마이 신지 Retrospective: Shinji Somai (2005)
  • Aaron Gerow
This piece was written for a Somai Shinji retrospective at the 2005 Jeongju Film Festival and originally published in Korean (the Korean version is included). It attempts to understand Somai’s cinema through a phenomenological analysis of his film form. Contrasting his long takes both to those of Mizoguchi Kenji and of recent filmmakers such as Hashiguchi Ryosuke and Aoyama Shinji, I argue that Somai’s aesthetics explore the tensions between the frame and off-screen space, between conscious staging and unbridled pre-lingual adolescent drives, between the concrete and the mythic, and ultimately between life and death.
  • Somai Shinji,
  • long take,
  • adolescence,
  • death,
  • myth
Publication Date
Jeongju International Film Festival
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "Somai Shinji and the Long Take / 소마이 신지, 그리고 롱 데이크" 소마이 신지 Retrospective: Shinji Somai (2005) p. 30 - 41
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