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Nation, Citizenship, and Cinema
A Companion to the Anthropology of Japan (2005)
  • Aaron Gerow
An introduction to the concepts of "nation" and "citizenship" in Japan that complicates the notion that they are a given through investigating their historically constructed nature. As an example, I use the example of “Japanese national cinema,” showing not only how Japan's relationship with the nation was constructed over time, but that such a relation was both rife with contradictions and interlaced with global flows. I upload the version from the paperback edition, which features some corrections of the hardbound version.
  • Japanese film,
  • nation,
  • citizenship,
  • globalism,
  • modern,
  • national cinema
Publication Date
Jennifer Robertson
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "Nation, Citizenship, and Cinema" A Companion to the Anthropology of Japan (2005) p. 400 - 414
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