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Contribution to Book
産業という言説/Sangyo to iu gensetsu
Katsudō shashin keizairon/Kokusan shōrei to eiga jigyō (2004)
  • Aaron Gerow
An introduction to and commentary on two books on the film industry in Japan reprinted in the Nihon eigaron gensetsu taikei series: Ishimaki Yoshio's Katsudō shashin keizairon (1923), and Negishi Koichi's Kokusan shōrei to eiga jigyō (1926). While both books discuss the film industry in different ways and in detail, I argue that both also believe that a discourse on the film industry is essential to the development of a healthy film world, in that both argue that industrial structure is a condition for the production of good cinema.
  • Japanese cinema,
  • film industry,
  • film production,
  • economics
Publication Date
Makino Mamoru
Yumani Shobo
Nihon eigaron gensetsu taikei, dai 2-ki: Eiga no modanizumu-ki.
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "産業という言説/Sangyo to iu gensetsu" TokyoKatsudō shashin keizairon/Kokusan shōrei to eiga jigyō Vol. 16 (2004) p. 289 - 306
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