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Intervista a Tamura Masaki
  • Aaron Gerow
An interview with the cinematographer Tamura Masaki (田村正毅) that I did for the catalog produced on the occasion of a retrospective of the films of Yanagimachi Mitsuo held at the Bergamo Film Meeting in 1999. I conducted the interview with Tamura in Japanese, mostly focusing on his work with Yanagimachi in films such as Farewell to the Land, Himatsuri, and Tabi suru Pao-jiang-hu. I also supplied an introduction. Maria Roberta Novielli translated it into Italian.
  • Masaki Tamura,
  • Mitsuo Yanagimachi,
  • Japanese cinema,
  • cinematography
Publication Date
From Yanagimachi Mitsuo. Eds. Maria Roberta Novielli, Fiammetta Girola, and Bruno Fornara. Bergamo: Bergamo Film Meeting 99, 1999. Pp. 55-59.
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "Intervista a Tamura Masaki" (1999)
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