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Introduction: The Theory Complex
Review of Japanese Culture and Society (2010)
  • Aaron Gerow
This introduction to a special issue entitled  "Decentering Theory: Reconsidering the History of Japanese Film Theory" considers the problems in how film theory has been conceived, and the potentials and problems in examining the rich history of Japanese film theory. I call the "theory complex" a constellation of complexities in which not only foreign but also Japanese scholars ignore Japanese film theory, and in which Japanese thinkers experience a difficulty in terming their work theory.
  • Film theory,
  • Japanese cinema,
  • Intellectual history
Publication Date
December, 2010
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "Introduction: The Theory Complex" Review of Japanese Culture and Society Vol. 22 (2010) p. 1 - 13 ISSN: 2329-9770
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