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Documentarists of Japan, No. 2: An Interview with Hara Kazuo
  • Aaron Gerow
An interview I did with the documentary filmmaker Hara Kazuo in 1993 for Documentary Box, the magazine of the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. He talks about his early career, his celebrated film The Emperor's Naked Army Marches on, and a recent television documentary Yellow Cabs. He also discusses the difficulties of filming his documentary on Inoue Mitsuharu (released as A Dedicated Life), which he was completing at the time.
  • Kazuo Hara,
  • Japanese cinema,
  • documentary,
  • Mitsuharu Inoue
Publication Date
Published in Documentary Box vol. 3 (1993)
Citation Information
Aaron Gerow. "Documentarists of Japan, No. 2: An Interview with Hara Kazuo" (1993)
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