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Contribution to Book
Meth, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (Breaking Bad)
Breaking Bad and Philosophy (2012)
  • Aaron C. Anderson
  • Justine Lopez
This chapter executes a reading of the character of Walter White / Heisenberg ('Breaking Bad') through John Stuart Mill's 'On Liberty'. This chapter pays attention to issues related to Mill's harm principle, freedom, individuality, individual sovereignty, individual spontaneity, collective mediocrity, authority, the tyranny of the majority, legislated morality, justice, and punishment.
  • culture,
  • society,
  • crime,
  • media,
  • democracy,
  • justice,
  • studies,
  • television,
  • theory,
  • alcohol,
  • cinema,
  • drug,
  • custom,
  • film,
  • cable,
  • consent,
  • utilitarianism,
  • mechanization,
  • law,
  • philosophy,
  • political philosophy,
  • open court,
  • san diego,
  • ucsd,
  • open court,
  • popular culture and philosophy
Publication Date
David Koepsell and Robert Arp
Open Court
Citation Information
Anderson, Aaron C. and Justine Lopez. "Meth, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Breaking Bad and Philosophy. Ed. David Koepsell and Robert Arp. Chicago: Open Court, 2012. 213-221. Print.