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A Deficit of Dark Matter from Jeans Modeling of the Ultra-diffuse Galaxy NGC 1052-DF2
The Astrophysical Journal Letters (2018)
  • Asher Wasserman, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Aaron J. Romanowsky, San Jose State University
  • Jean Brodie, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Pieter van Dokkum, Yale University
  • Charlie Conroy, Harvard University
  • Roberto Abraham, University of Toronto
  • Yotam Cohen, Yale University
  • Shany Danieli, Yale University
The discovery of the ultra-diffuse galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 and its peculiar population of star clusters has raised new questions about the connections between galaxies and dark matter (DM) halos at the extremes of galaxy formation. In light of debates over the measured velocity dispersion of its star clusters and the associated mass estimate, we constrain mass models of DF2 using its observed kinematics with a range of priors on the halo mass. Models in which the galaxy obeys a standard stellar-halo mass relation are in tension with the data and also require a large central density core. Better fits are obtained when the halo mass is left free, even after accounting for increased model complexity. The dynamical mass-to-light ratio for our model with a weak prior on the halo mass is , consistent with the stellar population estimate for DF2. We use tidal analysis to find that the low-mass models are consistent with the undisturbed isophotes of DF2. Finally, we compare with Local Group dwarf galaxies and demonstrate that DF2 is an outlier in both its spatial extent and its relative DM deficit.
  • galaxies: halos,
  • galaxies: individual (NGC 1052,
  • DF2),
  • galaxies: kinematics and dynamics
Publication Date
August 13, 2018
Publisher Statement
This article was originally published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, volume 863, issue 2. © 2018. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.

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Citation Information
Asher Wasserman, Aaron J. Romanowsky, Jean Brodie, Pieter van Dokkum, et al.. "A Deficit of Dark Matter from Jeans Modeling of the Ultra-diffuse Galaxy NGC 1052-DF2" The Astrophysical Journal Letters Vol. 863 Iss. 2 (2018) ISSN: 2041-8205
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