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Treatment of Paralysis Caused by West Nile Virus in Hamsters
Antiviral Research
  • John D. Morrey, Utah State University
  • V. Siddharthan
  • H. Wang
  • Aaron L Olsen, Utah State University
  • Ramona T. Skirpstunas, Utah State University
  • Jeffery O. Hall, Utah State University
  • H. Li
  • S. Koenig
  • S. Johnson
  • J. L. Nordstrom
  • N. Marlenee
  • R. A. Bowen
  • M. S. Diamond
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WNV-specific humanized monoclonal antibody (hE16) was used to treat WNV-induced poliomyelitis and fatal WNV-aerosolization when administered as a single intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection days after the virus had infected the spinal cord of rodents.

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Morrey, J.D., V. Siddharthan, H. Wang, A.L. Olsen, R. Skirpstunas, J. O. Hall, H. Li, S. Koenig, S. Johnson, J. L. Nordstrom, N. Marlenee, R. A. Bowen and M.S. Diamond 2007. Treatment of Paralysis Caused by West Nile Virus in Hamsters. Antiviral Research, 74 (3): A32.