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A Novel Tin (II) Dithioether Complex
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
  • Aaron R. Hutchison, Cedarville University
  • D. A. Atwood
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Organotin and related tin containing compounds are a recurring motif in organometallic chemistry. Here we report a new complex resulting from the reaction of tin (II) chloride with a dithioether diallyl ether ligand created as a side product from other research in our lab. This new complex is reasonably stable and can be synthesized on the bench top with no extraordinary measures required to exclude air or moisture. Its crystal structure reveals a five coordinate pseudo-square pyramidal geometry around tin, with the ligand binding the metal through its thioether sulfurs and the chlorides bridging.
  • Thioether,
  • Sulfide,
  • Tin (II) complex,
  • 119Sn NMR
Citation Information
Hutchison, A. R. & Atwood, D. A. (2006). A novel tin (II) dithioether complex. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 691 (8), 1658-1659.