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Honors Student Social Justice Research
The following Honors Social Justice project required that student's form a group to design three podcasts. Each group determined a way of combining their group’s social justice research into a change story. This was a three-part assignment that spanned the last month of class. One of the most important aspects of this assignment was to assist students in learning how to create a conversation around change. 
The directions for the three podcasts follow:

Podcast 1: In an 8-10 min podcast, you will provide background, context, and facts about your social justice project.  In addition, the group will read a story about their social justice topic and blend that story into their podcast. (Ensure that you give credit for the story. For instance, if I used Harrison Bergeron, I would be sure to credit Kurt Vonnegut Jr. during the broadcast.)  For the first podcast, the source should be a written one (e.g. a comic book, fable, fairy tale, a short story, an article, or any other written source of a story about your social justice topic).
Podcast 2: In a second 8-10 min podcast, you will continue the conversation about your social justice topic. Within this broadcast, you will focus on changes that need to occur to fight the social injustice. You will utilize lessons from the Is Everyone Really Equal text to inform you on possible issues that must be addressed. In addition, your group will have viewed a documentary (assigned by Dr. Clevenger) that is specific to your social justice topic. You will need to introduce and speak about the story and lessons that came from that documentary.  
Podcast 3: In the final 8-10 min podcast, the team will finish their series with a positive story about change that is working.  For instance, if homelessness is your topic, you might talk about a successful soup kitchen or a town’s anti-poverty program.  For this topic, you will either need to interview someone live on your broadcast (allowing each team member to ask them questions) or, at a minimum, refer to an interview that your team conducted over e-mail, Skype, etc.

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