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Free articles and accounting for the timing effect
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  • Nursyeha YAHAYA, Singapore Management University
  • Chee Hsien Aaron (ZHENG Zhixian) TAY, Singapore Management University
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Could availability of free articles reduce faculty’s dependence on the library? Analysis of items cited by faculty from Singapore Management University
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Working Paper
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Various studies have attempted to assess the amount of free full text available on the web and recent work have suggested that we are close to the 50% mark for freely available articles (Archambault et al. 2013; Bjork et al. 2010; Jamali and Nabavi 2015). It is natural to wonder if this might reduce researchers' reliance on library subscriptions for access. To do so, we need to determine not just what papers researchers are citing to that are free today, but to estimate if the papers they were citing were freely available at the time they were citing it. We attempt to do so for a sample of citations made by researchers in the Singapore Management University in the field of Economics.

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
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Nursyeha YAHAYA and Chee Hsien Aaron (ZHENG Zhixian) TAY. "Free articles and accounting for the timing effect" (2016) p. 1 - 18
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