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Managing Volume in Discovery Systems
Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems
  • Aaron Tay, Singapore Management University
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Book Chapter
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The well-established measures of recall and precision are becoming increasingly relevant in WSD systems. Given the way that most people search, which is the simple keyword box that searches all text anywhere in the record, WSD systems will lead to increasingly large recall as we provide access to more linked items. Do we need to be careful about the sheer volume of items to which we can provide access via WSD systems? Do we want these systems to become another Google, where precision of results is not always as accurate as we would like? Are we too obsessed with the notion of providing access to everything at the expense of the quality of the results?

  • web scale discovery,
  • library search,
  • metadata,
  • relevancy
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Original Chapter Title when submitted was "How much is too much?" was altered to "Managing Volume in discovery systems" when published. Edited by Louise F. Spiteri.

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Aaron Tay. "Managing Volume in Discovery Systems" Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems (2016) p. 113 - 135
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