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What are mobile friendly library sites offering? A survey
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  • Chee Hsien Aaron (ZHENG Zhixian) TAY, Singapore Management University
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Everyone knows mobile is hot now, and many libraries are scrambling to add mobile friendly pages. Currently themost complete listing of libraries with mobile sites can be found at the Library Success Wiki site , which lists over40 such sites.I thought it would be helpful to look at these 40+ sites to see what are the common services that have beingoffered to mobile users. To that end, I have created a google doc of the 40 sites comparing their common features.I grouped each feature below according to whether it exists in a mobile site and then choose representativeexamples with images to be displayed below and direct link to the specific mobile friendly page shown in theimage.

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Chee Hsien Aaron (ZHENG Zhixian) TAY. "What are mobile friendly library sites offering? A survey" (2010)
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