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Unpublished Paper
Sticking to the Union: A Study on the Unionization of Academic Law Libraries
  • Sarah Slinger
In the forty-four years since Oscar Trelles’ “Law Libraries and Unions” article,
there has been little treatment of the subject of unionization in law libraries. Yet,
whether unionization will play a role in the future of our profession remains an
interesting and complicated question. With little known concerning the attitudes
on unionization or on the number of unions, this article and survey seeks to shed
some light on how large a role unionization plays in academic law libraries and
whether unionization will become a part of our future. The following article
presents an analysis of the results of a survey assessing rates of unionization,
experience with unionization, and attitudes on unionization administered to
directors at two hundred ABA-accredited law schools. These results ultimately
show that while there is a low rate of unionization in academic law libraries, it is
likely that in this economic climate unionization may become more prevalent in
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Sarah Slinger. "Sticking to the Union: A Study on the Unionization of Academic Law Libraries" (2017)
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