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Unpublished Paper
AALL Short Form Call for Papers 2016 Azyndar and Mattson.pdf
N/A (2016)
  • Ingrid A. Mattson
  • Susan E. Azyndar, Moritz Law Library, The Ohio State University
Screencasts are an easy, fun alternative to the legal research guide. They give professors a new tool to assess students’ learning, and they give law students the opportunity to exercise their professional and technological skills, demonstrate relatively in-depth substantive knowledge, create relevant course content, and produce a digital sample of work that could be a unique addition to a résumé. This article describes a screencast assignment in two advanced legal research classes, practical suggestions to ensure the assignment is a success, and the pedagogical and practice-oriented benefits of this type of assignment for law students.
  • instruction; screencast; professional skills; assessments
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Ingrid A. Mattson and Susan E. Azyndar. "AALL Short Form Call for Papers 2016 Azyndar and Mattson.pdf" N/A (2016)
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