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Distancing Ji in the Chun/chyou
Warring States Papers (2010)
  • A. Taeko Brooks, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Ji in the Chun/Chyou (CC) can be a verb “overtake, go as far as” or a coverb linking one noun with another noun. The Gungyang Jwan (GYJ) and Gulyang Jwan (GLJ)1 commentaries ascribe to coverb ji the meaning “and” or a nuance of secondary involvement (lei).2 Legge (Ch’un 5) calls the latter meaning “recondite;” Dobson, Schuessler, and Wang Li do not mention it. I find that ji is a secondary, specifically a distancing, “and.”3 I ascribe that nuance, when present, not to any retrospective Confucian “praise and blame” coding in the CC, a theory still widely accepted, but to the protocol sensibilities of the Lu court itself. There are implications for the authorship, and indeed the nature, of the CC text.

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A. Taeko Brooks. "Distancing Ji in the Chun/chyou" Warring States Papers Vol. 1 (2010)
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