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A Integração Regional e a Economia Política
A Integração Regional e a Economia Política (2001)
  • Aguinaldo Alemar
This small approach intends, besides the space reduced that we dispose, expose the need to get closer the Economy and Law, that despite intrinsically connected, seem today distant. In the studies that has done about the regional integration, notedly Mercosul, do not realize the due attention to the peculiar circumstances that carried to your appearance and, considering the national politicses of the State-members, to its maintenance and progress. As if care for a merely juridical effort, stop deliberately stuffing it with economic data, although we affirm the need to know them for law operator's good work. We also avoid transcriptions of legal texts: First, for better space utilization that we dispose; And second, and mostly, by the public intellectual and academic level presumption to what destines. The central idea is to sketch because we do not believe in Mercosul's total success, considering their goals, in a period lower than ten years. We also seek to stress law professional's about the increasing importance at this time in which is necessary a reflection regarding Mercosul's Goals.
Publication Date
September, 2001
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Aguinaldo Alemar. "A Integração Regional e a Economia Política" A Integração Regional e a Economia Política (2001)
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