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Limites ao princípio da precaução
I Congresso Transdisciplinar Ambiente e Direito (2004)
  • Aguinaldo Alemar
The Economic Geography, it teaches us that the production and consumption forms of the different products in the world scope, appears like direct consequence of the own past of each human group. The environmental matter, above all in the century XX, produced several international and internal political agreements driven to the environment protection. Close to this preoccupation of universal mark, several principles came to fire. Our work intends to call the attention for a special care in the sense of not dogmatize principles as the precautiony principle, on pain of bar the human growth, in a modern perspective of the malthusian theory.
  • princípio da precaução; meio ambiente; transgênicos
Publication Date
May, 2004
Citation Information
Aguinaldo Alemar. "Limites ao princípio da precaução" I Congresso Transdisciplinar Ambiente e Direito (2004)
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