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Spin-up in Couette Flow
Applicable Analysis
  • R. S. Rivlin
  • Robert Gilbert
  • Amitabh Narain, Michigan Technological University
  • D. D. Joseph
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A viscoelastic fluid is contained in the annular region between two infinitely long coaxial circular cylinders. The relation between shearing stress and the history of the rate of shear in the fluid is assumed to be linear. At some instant of time the inner cylinder is given an angular velocity which is subsequently held constant. The resulting angular velocity and stress fields are calculated.
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R. S. Rivlin, Robert Gilbert, Amitabh Narain and D. D. Joseph. "Spin-up in Couette Flow" Applicable Analysis Vol. 15 Iss. 1-4 (2007) p. 227 - 228
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