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Electroluminescence From Polar Nonlinear Optical Chromophore With Low Turn-On Voltage
Journal of Display Technology (2011)
  • mohammad taghi sharbati, University of Pittsburgh
  • Alireza Gharavi, Shiraz University
  • Farzin Emami, Shiraz University of Technology
Structure property relationships have been studied for polar and non-polar electro-luminescent molecules. The polar chromophore with a large red-shift shows a lower turn-on voltage than its non-polar counterparts. The I-V curves show characteristic diode behavior. The external quantum efficiency measurements for the polar molecule shows a four times higher quantum efficiency than the other molecules. 
  • OLED,
  • Organic Light Emiting Diodes,
  • Donor-Acceptor,
  • Electron Withdrawing Group,
  • Electron Donating Group,
  • Color Tuned OLED,
  • Single Layer OLED,
  • nonlinear chromophore
Publication Date
Spring April 3, 2011
Citation Information
mohammad taghi sharbati, Alireza Gharavi and Farzin Emami. "Electroluminescence From Polar Nonlinear Optical Chromophore With Low Turn-On Voltage" Journal of Display Technology Vol. 7 Iss. 4 (2011) p. 181 - 185 ISSN: 1551-319X
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