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About Mohammad Khaksari

محمد خاکساری مدیر و صاحب امتیاز هفته نامه قلم معلم، از موسسین کانون صنفی معلمان ایران، بازرس کانون و رابط بین الملل
Mohammad Khaksari is owner and editor in chief of the Iranian teachers magazine "teacher's pen" (Ghalame Moalem = قلم معلم). Khaksari is an Iranian Teachers Union Activists who founded the first Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of Iranian teachers and Iranian education workers standing the first time in the contemporary history of Iran after 1979. Weblog address:


Present Founder and Editor in Chief, Teacher's Pen (Iranian Independent Education Journal)

Research Interests

Human Rights, Education Right, Labour Unions, Unions Organization, and Journalism


University of Tehran Center ‐ Master degree in Sociology and Journalism