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A Book Revised
Missouri A&OER Conference 2022 (2022)
  • Helena Marvin, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
  • Judy Schmitt, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Description:  How two librarians formed a team of scholars (without a monetary incentive) to revise, reimagine and turn an old OER textbook into a new OER textbook. We'll dive into what we did and how we did it, as well as things to consider when revising an OER.
Learning Objectives: Present an order of operation for revising an OER. Learn tips and tricks for revising an OER of your own.
Presenters: Helena (Lena) Marvin & Judy Schmitt
  • OER
Publication Date
March 10, 2022
Citation Information
Helena Marvin and Judy Schmitt. "A Book Revised" Missouri A&OER Conference 2022 (2022)
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