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LNG Active Male Enhancement (2019)
  • barth7 barth7, Eastern Washington University
Publication Date
Summer July 19, 2019
Publisher Statement
LNG Active Male Enhancement Substances from cigarette smoke irritate the respiratory tract. To get rid of toxins, the body begins to produce more and more mucus, which is removed during coughing (the so-called morning cough of smokers). This symptom may signal the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and even cancer. Cigarette smoking also damages collagen, which is responsible for the healthy and firm appearance of the skin, so that the skin of smokers ages faster. Substances contained in cigarette smoke can also be responsible for reducing fertility, because they reduce the amount of sperm in semen and negatively affect egg cells in women.  LNG Active Male Enhancement
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barth7 barth7. "" LNG Active Male Enhancement (2019)
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