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About Denise Marie Fiedler

Denise Fiedler completed her BA from Michigan State University in 1974 in Interior Design and has worked as a designer and illustrator for businesses and private clients. As a child Denise knew she was a natural healer and in her mid twenties began to search for spiritual knowledge and ways to optimize her inner potential. She attended seminars given by American transformational leaders, and worked with various spiritual healers .

Although she found most of this somewhat beneficial, the effects were short lived and limited. In October of 2012, Denise received her first remote energy transmission from Guruji Mahindra Trivedi who has the unique ability to harness the life force energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms and nonliving materials to any location in the world. This energy has intelligence that will benefit the unique needs of the recipient, whether it be a person, animal, plant or non living material. The recipient’s potential is optimized which alters their behavior and characteristics. This phenomenon is called the Trivedi Effect. After receiving her first Biofield Energy Transmission, Denise felt a deep calmness and indescribable peace.The next day she awakened feeling rejuvenated without the usual tiredness she was used to experiencing and which would no longer occur. What differentiated the Trivedi Effect was the scientific documentation that proves the miraculous and life changing results that are found in over 250,000 testimonials from people receiving the energy transmissions. Denise has consistently participated in the workshops and programs of Trivedi Global Inc. She is a member the Healing Masters Program.

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