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Cosmedique Skin Care
Cosmedique Team (2018)
  • Kimi Lund
Cosmedique Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

Cosmedique is an anti-aging cream that uses a blend of different skin healing ingredients designed to have molecularly charged benefits. The intended result of this is deeply penetrating ingredients which can support lasting skin health.

They add how this is fast acting, provides 24 hour hydration, is rich in potent antioxidants, and that it can provide instant firing. There are also no unwanted paraben preservatives which may be harmful to skin health. An easy to understand description is provided to show how the formula can actually repair damaged skin.

It’s not known what the dosage strength is, what the full Cosmedique ingredients list is, and whether or not there are any other additional additives.  There’s also 3rd party websites which have looked into the supplement and while they claim there are additional ingredients, it’s impossible to verify for certain if they are accurate.

The known ingredients are quality and good for skin health, but they’re also common to many other similar brands. Because of this being very basic and already found in many supplements, it raises questions about what is actually unique about this and different from any other brand.

Cosmedique  great ingredient added to this are the apple stem cells which are unique and which can actually help regenerate even damaged skin tissue.

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Winter December 13, 2018
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