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Endothelial Cell Growth Medium
  • Bennie Liu
Primary endothelial cells are commonly used in developmental and disease mechanisms studies. Endothelial cells are phenotypically characterized as CD31+, KDR+, and vWF+ cells. The endothelial cell medium products at Creative Bioarray are specially designed to support the growth of different types endothelial cells and have been tested for its ability to support CD31+, KDR+, and vWF+ human endothelial cells growth in vitro. Our medium systems have been specifically developed and optimized for various endothelial cell types of human, mouse, rat, porcine, bovine, monkey, canine, etc.
  • endothelial cell medium
Publication Date
Spring April 22, 2019
Citation Information
Bennie Liu. "Endothelial Cell Growth Medium" (2019)
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