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Keratinocyte Cells
  • Bennie Liu
Keratinocyte Cells are the most common skin cells, 90% of them are located on the out layer of the skin. The Keratinocyte Cells work as a barrier that protect the under skin layer tissue and nerves. This barrier can be found everywhere in our body, such as skin, hair, and nails, they are all made by keratin protein which produced by Keratinocyte Cells. Creative bioarray provides multiple types of Keratinocyte Cells growth media such as Human Keratinocyte Stem Cell Media, Epidermal Keratinocyte 3D Prime Medium, Defined, Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium, Defined, Calcium Free and PCT Epidermal Keratinocyte Medium, Low BPE, Calcium Free etc.
  • Keratinocyte Cells
Publication Date
Spring May 1, 2018
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Bennie Liu. "Keratinocyte Cells" (2018)
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