Zinan Ye is an associate professor of Chinese translation at the Monterey Institute
of International Studies. Before joining MIIS, Professor Ye taught English-Chinese
translation at Hangzhou University in China. He has also been working as a freelance
translator since the 1970s. His recent clients include the Brookings Institution and John
Thornton & Company in Beijing. He has published several books on translation,
including Advanced Course on English-Chinese Translation, a textbook published by
Tsinghua University and widely used by T&I schools in China, and Introduction to
Chinese-English Translation, coauthored and published by Hippocrene Books. In addition,
he is a frequent contributor to Chinese Translators’ Journal and writes in Chinese on a
wide range of cultural and social topics. 



高级英汉翻译理论与实践 / Advanced Course in English-Chinese Translation (2013)

Preface by Eugene Nida.

This book has been adopted by a few leading universities in...



Introduction to Chinese-English Translation (with Lynette Xiaojing Shi) (2009)

A complete guide to basic C-E translation skills and principles.