Dr Yvonne Hartman B Nurs.(SCU) PhD(SCU) 

Dr Yvonne Hartman is a lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern
Cross University where she has worked since 1999. Yvonne teaches in the areas of social
inequality, interpersonal communication, and politics. Her research interests are
connected to social inclusion with a focus on regional Australia, participatory
democracy, and social theory with an emphasis on feminism. At present, she is involved in
a research project investigating housing issues for single older women in the regions.
Yvonne has addressed public meetings in relation to her research area and is currently a
member of the Richmond Health Participation Forum. 

Journal articles


The power of the wave: activism rainbow region-style (with Sandy Darab), M/C Journal (2014)

The counterculture that arose during the 1960s and 1970s left lasting social and political reverberations...



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This paper examines the available literature on single older non-home owning women in Australia and...



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Empirical linkages between structure and agency, or system and life world, have traditionally not...



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While the notion that communities require resources in the form of financial capital for their...




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At a time when welfare regimes in Anglophone countries are being reshaped to reflect neoliberal...



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The listening post, 4th North Coast Area Health Advisory Conference (2009)


The hidden costs of injured dignity: an exploration of one effect of Workfare policies (with Sandy Darab), Proceedings of Activating Human Rights and Peace Conference (2008)

This paper explores one effect of Workfare policies that were designed and operationalised under the...



How the WorkChoices and Welfare to Work reforms are affecting people in one region of New South Wales: preliminary findings (with Sandy Darab), Proceedings of The challenge to restore full employment : incorporating the 9th Path to Full Employment Conference and 14th National Conference on Unemployment (2007)

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The aim of this paper is to investigate Work Choices, the Welfare to Work reforms...



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