Yvette Blanchard, SCD, PT, is Professor of Physical Therapy in the College of Health
Professions at Sacred Heart University. 

Professional & research interests include neonatology, early intervention, infant
development, and neurobehavioral functioning. 

Degrees and Certifications: ScD, Therapeutic Studies, Boston University; MS, Clinical
Sciences, Université de Montréal; BS, Physical Therapy, Université de Montréal. 

Specialty or Specialist Certification/Training: Pediatrics, neonatololgy; Neonatal
Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) Trainer; Newborn Behavioral Observation System (NBO)
Trainer; 2010-2014 Fulbright Specialist Award. 

Teaching Responsibilities: Fall: DPT 723 Evaluation & Documentation III (lab
instructor); DPT 733 Evaluation & Intervention III (lab instructor); DPT 743 Grand
Rounds (course instructor). Spring: DPT 622 Evaluation & Documentation II (LGD and 2

Contributions to Books


Supporting Parents of Premature Infants: An Infant-Focused Family-Centered Approach (with J. Kevin Nugent and Jane E. Stewart), PTHMS Faculty Publications (2008)

The goal of this chapter is to describe the behavioral development of the premature infant...



Newborn Behavior and Development: Implications for Health Care Professionals (with J. Kevin Nugent), PTHMS Faculty Publications (2006)

The newborn period is a unique transition stage in the infant's neural and behavioral development...




Commentary on "Assessing Gross Motor Development of Brazilian Infants". (with Gunn Kristin Oberg), Faculty Publications (2014)

Commentary on the article “Assessing Gross Motor Development of Brazilian Infants”.



Als [Sic] Well That Ends Well, PT in Motion (2013)

Yvette Blanchard explains how she decided to become a physical therapist in the "This is...



Therapeutic Encounters with Preterm Infants: Interaction, Posture and Movement (with Gunn Kristin Øberg and Aud Obstfelder), Faculty Publications (2013)

Background and purpose: Physiotherapy is a common intervention for preterm infants with motor disorders. There...



Getting to Know You: Key Clinical Concepts in Relationship-Based Interventions and Neurobehavioral Observations with Young Infants, Faculty Publications (2011)

The newborn infant is a social organism, pre-disposed to interact with his caregiver and able...



Neonatal Physical Therapy, Part II: Practice Frameworks and Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines (with Jane K. Sweeney and Carolyn B. Heriza), Faculty Publications (2010)

Purpose: (1) To outline frameworks for neonatal physical therapy based on 3 theoretical models, (2)...


Popular Press


Professor Yvette Blanchard Receives Fulbright Award, Sacred Heart University New Stories (2013)

Conference Papers and Presentations

Using the CLNBAS in Early Intervention Settings, Massachusetts Early Intervention Conference (2004)

Nugent, J.K., Blanchard, Y., Alberts, A., Campbell, K., Halstead, A., Levine, M., Finn, C. Using...


Book Reviews


Cultural Competence: A Lifelong Journey to Cultural Proficiency (Book Review), Faculty Publications (2011)

Book review by Yvette Blanchard:

Leavitt, Ronnie. Cultural Competence: A Lifelong Journey to Cultural Proficiency....