Yue-Him Tam's research interests are in intellectual history in modern Japan
and China; Sino-Japanese relations; Asian American issues; and war crimes and remembrance
in contemporary Asia-Pacific. Tam has published widely on modern Japanese history and
Sino-Japanese relations. He is past president of the San Francisco-based Global Alliance
for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia and is currently a member of the
Advisory Board of the East Asian Library Journal (Princeton University). He also sits on
the trustee boards of some independent and charter schools in Hong Kong and Saint Paul,
and holds honorary and visiting academic positions in Japan and the People's
Republic of China. 

Tam has been teaching at Macalester since 1990. 

EDUCATION: Dip., New Asia College, Hong Kong M.A., Indiana University M.A., Ph.D.,
Princeton University 

Journal Articles


“Searching for Historical Truth and Justice: From Hong Kong to Japan and the United States” (in Chinese, revised and enlarged version, Master-Insight--An intellectual and scholarly online weekly journal published in Hong Kong (2014)


Contributions to Books

“Tang Degang (1920-2009) and His Studies of China’s Eight-Year Resistance War Against the Japanese Aggression”(in Chinese), Minguo-shi Kangzhang bian—Fenghuo banian (“History of the Republic of China—The Resistance War: The Burning Eight Years” (2014)

Nanjing Datusha Shiliaoji (in Chinese), Historical Documents of the Nanjing Massacre (2011)

Remembering Tang Chun-i: Revisiting His Personality and Thoughts (in Chinese), Sixty Years of Passion: The Past, Present and Future of New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2009)

Prerequisites for Reconciliation with Japan: Sincere Apology and Reparations for War Crimes (in Japanese); Forward, Proceedings of the International Citizens’ Forum on War Crimes and Redress: Seeking Reconciliation and Peace for the 21st Century (2000)

Sino-Japanese Translation as a Cultural Enterprise: A Comparative Perspective” (in Chinese),, Studies in Translation as Cultural History (Fanyi wenhuashi lun) (1997)