Yonatan Malin studies 19th-century music, music-text relations, and theories of
rhythm and meter. His book _Songs in Motion: Rhythm and Meter in the German Lied_ was
published in the spring of 2010 (Oxford University Press), and he has published articles
in Music Theory Spectrum, Music Analysis, and an edited volume of Brahms studies. 

Professor Malin is editor of Music Theory Online, a journal of the Society for Music

Malin is Associate Professor in the College of Music at the University of Colorado
Boulder. He enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in theory and analysis,
and advising masters, DMA, and PhD students. 



Songs in Motion: Rhythm and Meter in the German Lied (2010)

This book explores rhythm and meter in the nineteenth-century German Lied. It illustrates the transformation...


Articles and Reviews


'Alte Liebe' and the Birds of Spring: Text, Music, and Image in Max Klinger's Brahms Fantasy, Expressive Intersections in Brahms: Essays in Analysis and Meaning (2012)


Metric Analysis and the Metaphor of Energy: A Way into Selected Songs by Wolf and Schoenberg, Music Theory Spectrum (2008)

This paper provides additions and alternatives to the current practice of metric analysis, drawing on...



Metric Displacement Dissonance and Romantic Longing in the German Lied, Music Analysis (2006)

This article seeks to explore the hermeneutics of metric dissonance by examining the association between...


Work in Progress


Jewish Cantillation in the Eastern Ashkenazic Tradition (2013)

This is a series of five short video presentations on Jewish cantillation for cantors, rabbis,...