Dr William Smart BAppSci(InfoSys)(SCU), BAppSci(Comp)(Hons)(SCU),
GradCertHE(L&T)(SCU), PhD (SCU) 

I am a lecturer of Information Technology for the School of Business and Tourism at the
Gold Coast Campus of Southern Cross University. Currently the main focus of my teaching
is in the areas of Digital Enterprise, Web Development and Scripting/Programming. 

My research interests include (but are not limited to) the following: Information Success
Modelling, e-Health, Web Navigation, Web Development, Wireless Technology, National
Broadband Network, Online Learning, Telecommunications, Programming in multiple languages
and much more. 

Journal articles


Converged delivery and beyond.... (with George Coles), International Technology Management Review (2013)

This paper focuses on the use of technology, assessment strategy, rubrics and a proactive approach...



Enhancing participation in personally controlled electronic health records (with George Coles and Bruce Armstrong), The International Technology Management Review (2013)

The introduction of a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system is central to Australia's...



Bring on the broadband: regional Australia, AQ: Australian Quarterly (2012)

The overwhelming majority of Australian businesses now have some form of internet access, but the...



Bring on the broadband: a case for regional centres in Australasia (with George Coles), IBS Journal of Business (2011)

The need and processes of implementing a broadband network into isolated communities and its economic,...




Information system success: evaluation of a carbon accounting and sequestration system, PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW (2009)

The primary aim of the research conducted for this thesis was to develop a predictive...




Influences on attitudes to a personal carbon trading system (with Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, and Gary Webb), Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (2013)

There are mixed attitudes to the affect Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) can have on global...



Pseudonymity and anonymity in identity management: can anonymous credentials enhance user participation in electronic health records (with George M. Coles), The Clute Institute International Academic Conference (2013)

The introduction of a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System is central to Australia's key...



Building trust in online customers (with George Coles), Proceedings of the 12th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering: artificial intelligence, networking and parallel/distributed computing (2011)

Although significant progress has been made towards securing the Internet environment, many consumers remain reluctant...


User satisfaction: an evaluation of a carbon credit information system (with Bruce Armstrong and Jerome K. Vanclay), 18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (2007)

This paper presents the analysis of user satisfaction with a web-based system that enables users...



Distance education a proactive approach, Beyond delivery: Online Learning and Teaching conference (2005)

´╗┐This paper focuses on the introduction of a proactive approach using electronic technologies to address...