William Moseley is a human-environment and development geographer with research
interests in political ecology, tropicial agriculture, livelihood security, environment
and development policy, land reform, fair trade, and famine early warning and hunger. He
teaches: Introductory Human Geography; People, Agriculture and the Environment; Geography
of Development; Geography of Africa; and a senior seminar in Comparative Environment and
Development Studies. He is based in the geography department, teaching cross-listed
courses in environmental studies, international studies and African studies. 

Moseley is widely published in such journals as the Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences, the Geographical Journal, the Geographical Review, Ecological Economics,
Globalizations, Geoforum and Applied Geography. He has received external funding from the
National Science Foundation and the Fulbright-Hays program of the US Dept of Education.
He is a national councillor of the Association of American Geographers (AAG). He has
served as editor of the African Geographical Review (2006-2010), chair of the AAG's
cultural and political ecology specialty group (2008-2010), and a member of a National
Academy of Science commission examining strategic directions for geography in the coming
decade (2008-2010). 

EDUCATION: B.A., Carleton College; M.S., University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of

William Moseley has been teaching at Macalester College since 2002. 

1. Books

Understanding World Regional Geography (with Erin H. Fouberg) (2015)

2. Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Geographers in the Public Square: A Comparative Analysis of Op-Ed Productivity (with Dillon Teske), Applied Geography (2011)

This paper explores three questions. 1) How active are academics in the op-ed pages of...



Lessons from the 2008 Global Food Crisis: Agro-Food Dynamics in Mali, Development in Practice (2011)

High food prices in 2008 touched off food riots around the world, with urban West...



On Engaging with New Economic Geography, Dialogues in Human Geography (2011)

A response to Eric Sheppard's article on New Economic Geography.



Assessing Sub-Saharan Africa’s University-Level Geography Resources:, African Geographical Review (2010)

Remarkably few studies have been undertaken to assess the level of university geography resources within...


3. Book Chapters


Leçons de la Crise Alimentaire Mondiale de 2008: Comment le Mali n'a éviter le Pire?, Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Mande Studies (2014)

Les prix élevés des denrées alimentaires en 2008 ont déclenché des émeutes relatives aux produits...



Structured Transformation and Natural Resources Management in Africa, Managing Africa's Natural Resources: Capacities for Development (2014)

This chapter examines recent trends in African resource-based economies, explores the risks of an economy...



What I Tell My Students (About Peace Corps), One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo: 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories (2011)

Advice given to students regarding Peace Corps as well as relfections on my own tenure...


Understanding Africa in a Global Context, Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa, 3rd Edition (2009)

4. Book Reviews

5. Op-eds and Non-Refereed Articles


Azawad: The latest African border dilemma, Al jazeera-English (2012)


Mali's coup must be widely condemned, Al Jazeera-English (2012)

No subject area


Implications of supermarket expansion on urban food security in Cape Town, South Africa (with Stephen Peyton and Jane Battersby), African Geographical Review (2015)


Interrogating the technocratic (neoliberal) agenda for agricultural development and hunger alleviation in Africa (with Matthew Schnurr and Rachel Bezner Kerr), African Geographical Review (2015)

Regional value chains and productivity enhancement in Africa, Contemporary Regional Development in Africa (2015)


Should I stay or should I go? Incorporating a commitment to fieldwork throughout an academic career (with Kristal Jones, Matthew A. Schnurr, and Edward R. Carr), African Geographical Review (2015)