Since joining the faculty of The John Marshall Law School, Professor Mock has served
as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, and
Chair of Strategic Planning. He founded the Center for International & Comparative
Studies and its LLM programs in Comparative Legal Studies and International Business
& Trade Law. He was the co-founder of the Journal of Computer and Information Law,
has coached dozens of moot court teams, and has often served as faculty advisor for the
International Law Society. Professor Mock's publications are largely in the field of
international law, including aspects of both transparency and game theory. Most recently,
he published a book that he and an Italian law professor edited on the European Charter
of Fundamental Rights. 

During 2011-2013, Professor Mock was the Publications Officer of the ABA Section of
International Law, supervising the production of scholarly publications going to over
24,000 international legal practitioners. During 2010-2011, he was the Chair of the
Section of International & Immigration Law of the Illinois State Bar Association.
From 2009-2011, he co-edited (with JMLS Professor Mark Wojcik) the
"Year-in-Review" issue of the ABA's publication, The International Lawyer.
He was the co-author of the 2000 Jessup moot court problem for the American Society of
International Law. He has served on eight academic accreditation teams for the ABA and
the Association of American Law Schools. He also serves in a consultative position with
the Uniform Law Commission working group on the Vienna Convention on Consular

Among Professor Mock's international responsibilities are aspects of John
Marshall's relationships with law faculties in Italy and Mexico. He has lectured or
provided academic technical assistance in Belarus, China, the Czech Republic, Ireland,
Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia, and, since 1998, he has frequently been a
professor-in-residence at the law faculty of the University of Cagliari in Sardinia,

Before joining John Marshall's faculty in 1983, Professor Mock practiced
international trade, antitrust, banking, and securities law in Washington, DC, before
federal appeals courts and administrative agencies. Subsequently, he served with Baker
& McKenzie as one of the world's first in-house legal educators prior to joining
John Marshall's faculty. He has also served regularly as a securities and
commodities arbitrator. At John Marshall, he teaches Corporations, Securities,
International Trade Law, International Law, International Human Rights Law, and
International Environmental Law. 


International Legal Developments Year in Review: 2010, 45 Int'l Law. 1 (2011) (with Mark E. Wojcik), Faculty Scholarship (2011)
International Legal Developments in Review: 2009, 44 Int'l Law. 1 (2010) (with Mark E. Wojcik), Faculty Scholarship (2010)


Copyright & Privacy - Through the Wide-Angle Lens, 4 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 285 (2005) (with William W. Fisher III, Howard P. Knopf, Fred von Lohmann, Marybeth Peters, and R. Anthony Reese), The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law (2005)


Contributions to Books

Transparency, Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, and Practices (2014)


Legal Rights of Older Persons, Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Jewish Judges Assn of IL, JMLS Intl Human Rights Clinic & Social Action Cmte of EHNTJC (2015)
Learning Education in Flux: New Strategies to Reach the Modern Student, JMLS Faculty Works in Progress Series (CLE) (2014)
Roundtable on Teaching International Law, Global Legal Skills VIII Conference (2013)
Teaching International Human Rights from Across an Ocean, Global Legal Skills VIII Conference (2013)