I am the director of Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT)
and a professor of Catholic Studies at DePaul University in Chicago. I received a B.A. in
theology from Notre Dame in 1984, and an M.A. from Cambridge University in 1987. After
working as a lay associate with the Holy Cross order in a poor area of Santiago, Chile, I
worked at the Center for Civil and Human Rights at the Notre Dame Law School. I then
studied at Duke University, where I received a Ph.D. in religion in 1996. I taught at the
University of St. Thomas since 1995 and at DePaul University starting in 2010. My areas
of specialization are in political theology, economic ethics, and ecclesiology. 



Migrations of the Holy: Theologies of State and Church (2011)

Whether one thinks that “religion” continues to fade or has made a comeback in the...



El Mito de la Violencia Religiosa, Editorial Nuevo Inicio (2010)

El mito de la violencia religiosa consiste en creer que la “religión” es un fenómeno...



Migrations du Sacré: Théologies de l'Etat et de l'Eglise (2010)

Face à la crise mondiale, l'État se présente à nouveau comme le sauveur qui peut...



Pozarci: Gospodarka a powolanie chrzescijanskie (2010)

Mieć czy być? Czy chrześcijanie powinni opowiadać się za czy przeciw wolnemu rynkowi? Dlaczego konsumpcjonizm...



Le Mythe de la violence religieuse (2009)

C’est une idée dominante : la religion promeut la violence car elle est absolutiste, source...


Books Edited and Essays in Edited Volumes

“Eucharistic Identity in Modernity,”, Between the State and the Eucharist: Free Church Theology in Conversation with William T. Cavanaugh (2014)
“The Future of Political Theology,”, Witnessing: Prophecy, Politics, and Wisdom (2014)
“The Invention of the Religious-Secular Distinction,”, At the Limits of the Secular: Reflections on Faith and Public Life (2014)

Academic Journals Articles


Other Articles and Interviews

“A Response to Radner’s A Brutal Unity,”, Syndicate theology blog (2014)
“Good Corp, Bad Corp,”, America (2014)
“On Being Thankful: A Rejoinder to Brad Littlejohn’s Rejoinder”, There is Power in the Blog: The Blog for Political Theology (2013)
“Puncturing Progressive Myths”, There is Power in the Blog: The Blog for Political Theology (2013)