Wendy Robertson, Digital Scholarship Librarian, is responsible for helping to expand
support of electronic scholarship and e-publishing, including supporting locally
published e-journals and managing the institutional repository. Robertson performs data
analysis on digital collections related to batch loading, migrating from one system to
another, and aggregating with other information resources. 

Wendy has worked as a librarian at The University of Iowa Libraries since 2001. Her
previous work positions include Electronic Resources Systems Librarian in Enterprise
Applications, Electronic Resources Management Unit Head in Technical Services, and
Electronic Resources Technical Services Librarian in Serials. 



Managing E-Publishing: Perfect Harmony for Serialists (with Charlene N. Simser), Serials Librarian (2013)

This article describes two serialists who use skills honed in their respective serials departments to...



Collaborating for Sustainable Scholarship: Models that Serve Librarians, Publishers, and Scholars (with Carol MacAdam and Kate Duff), Serials Librarian (2012)

MacAdam and Duff discussed the benefits and challenges of implementing JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program (CSP)....



A Collaborative Checklist for E-journal Access (with Rocki Strader, Alison Roth, and Bob Boissy), Serials Librarian (2006)

Strader, Roth and Boissy introduced a checklist which they had developed which indicates the different...



Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop (with Steven J. Miller), Serials Librarian (2005)

This pre-conference covered the first four sessions of the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program’s Integrating...




Preserving Content from Your Institutional Repository (with Carol Ann Borchert ), NASIG (2013)

Between institutional repositories and hosting journals, many libraries are becoming responsible for scholarly content in...



Managing e-Publishing: Perfect harmony for serialists (with Charlene N. Simser), NASIG (2012)

Serialist as publisher - a great duet? Serialists’ lives at academic libraries revolve around publishing,...



New Life to Old Serials: Digitizing Back Volumes, NASIG (2011)

Many serials titles still exist in print only, and major commercial digitizing efforts often overlook...



Publishing Journals in Digital Commons: Set-up, Launch, and Beyond, Digital Commons Webinar (2011)

This presentation gives an overview of things librarians should do to support journal hosting, including...



Repository Metadata: Challenges of Interoperability, ALCTS Institutional Repository Webinar Series (2011)

This session will give an overview some of the specific challenges in repository metadata including...